it's official... stitch is my favorite magazine


I took a brief blogging hiatus to finish up some work and personal projects, but now I'm ready to be back to posting more regularly.

The second issue of stitch arrived in early May and I love it just as much as the first issue.

My only complaints with the magazine is that I wish there were more projects, that I hate to wait until October for the next issue, and that I wish there were instructions for the cute bowl/birdnest on page 31.

My favorite articles were "all about thread" because I learned what thread to use on jeans, "Liberty for all" for teaching me a bit more about Liberty fabrics, "print me" about different fabric printing methods, and "the whir and power of making" about the Make Workshop for its beautiful inspiration board photo.

My favorite projects: Amy Karol's super creative Monogrammed Pillow, Kevin Kosbab's modern-styled E-ticket wallet, and Malka Dubrawsky's Pi Pillow. I also loved the dress patterns, but with my skirt pattern problems from the last issue, I probably won't be daring enough to try those.

stitch is a beautiful magazine that I'm sure I'll keep forever (rather than tearing out the projects I like best) to flip through its well-designed and inspiring pages.

Another kind of scrapbooking

I bought some Moleskine Cahiers at Borders to keep track of all the craft projects I'd like to work on some day. I finally got around to decorating some. This was my first attempt, but overall, I'm really pleased. For all my worrying during the set up and sewing, I like the end product. Better yet, it was easy & quick to make. That Joelle, she knows what she's doing.


The other project I made from this book was the quilted coasters.

Quilt Progress- With Photo

EDIT: Sorry I posted the first time without a photo! The color is a bit off because the room has a golden glow through the curtains. The reds are bright and vivid. ____________________________________________________________________________________ This is my longest running work in progress. I started cutting the fabric out soon after I bought In Stitches I think in 2006.

I've learned quite a bit in creating my first quilt:
1. Color coordination is crucial (I tried hard to keep my colors within the black/red families, but in the end it looks a bit crazier than I'd like)

2. Foundation piecing is for experienced quilters only (this quilt top was not fun to make, I have never had to seam rip & re-sew so many times on one project before)

asian quilt

My goal is to finish this quilt before the end of 2010!

The first time I posted about my quilt idea is here.

My other projects from this book are here.

Asymmetrical Skirt? Nope, not by me

I spent 2 days this weekend trying to figure out the Asymmetrical Skirt from the Stitch cover. Saturday I transferred the pattern pieces onto my Swedish Tracing Paper. Then Sunday, I realized that three of the skirt pieces didn't look anything like the pattern layout picture, so I had to re-trace.

Honestly, there were just too many lines on the pattern sheet, I couldn't figure out which line was supposed to be part of which pattern piece.

My other frustration was that the pattern pieces had to be pieced together, at the "hash marks." Excuse me? What hash marks? The pattern sheets were so covered in black and pink ink that I can't distinguish any hash marks.

Then, I started to cut out the fabric. When it came time to cut the facing, I referred to the pattern correction. But then I couldn't figure out what exactly I was supposed to do to correct the pattern for the facing. I guess I am more of a visual learner, because reading those directions, all I could think was, "WHAT?!?"

So, then I went back to the main fabric (in my case, denim), and tried out step 2- the side seams. I couldn't figure out which side matched up where. I even tried pinning the pieces to my dress form. But nope, still wasn't seeing how the skirt was supposed to come together.

So, after about six hours this weekend, I have nothing to show for it. I used the last of my denim for nothing. Sure I can use them for smaller projects, but I really wanted a denim skirt.

Because of my frustrations, I will NOT be trying to make the Tulip Skirt.

I will however, still try a pattern from Weekend Sewing, because although there are several patterns on each sheet, I'm hoping the color coding will make it easier to cut each pattern piece correctly. But if I get lost in another frustrating weekend, I'll know I should stick to traditional pattern envelopes.

So, Sincerely Yours, Kate, Action Hero, karola73, and Kristin of Craft Leftover's, I salute you!

Scrap Swap

I joined my first swap, the Patchwork Swap, hosted by Linda. My package arrived yesterday from Mina in Brazil. I absolutely love the swatches she sent- my favorites are the oranges and yellows - my scrap stash was definitely lacking in those colors before! And that little strawberry pincushion is absolutely adorable. It is going to be on display in my craft room! And the ribbon and ric-rack will come in handy! Everything she sent is just adorable, I feel so lucky, and I hope that one day I can sew as well as Mina (she has lots of beautiful log cabin pieces on her blog). Hopefully Mina will get her package soon!

scrap swap

Also pictured are a heart and dove pincushion (so sweet), red star buttons, and that clothespin- it has a tiny pumpkin perched on top! Now I know it takes real talent to sew something that tiny, it is so precious!

Muchas Gracias, Mina! Cheers!