Gracias Modern Seamster!

Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail from Modern Seamster. I had signed up for a free subscription when I first read about the magazine online. I downloaded their first issue and liked it very much.

Modern Seamster Gift

The magazine is a little bit of a craft magazine and a little bit of a lifestyle magazine. I'm pretty boring and plain (I work, I sleep, and occasionally I find time to sew) and not as hip as I think the intended audience is. But I really enjoyed their articles on (1) How to Get Into Design School (I daydream about all the jobs I'd like to do that are totally different from my current job. My latest obsession- I read about Jenna the Creative Director for J.Crew and thought "I want THAT job" although you probably have to have some personal style and no one wants to get a catalog of people wearing sweaty t-shirts, shorts, and unshaven legs), (2) the Britex Fabrics tour with Nancy Flynn, and (3) The article about Charles Frederick Worth.

I was looking forward to their next issue anyway, but getting some nice fabric swatches and applique templates was a very thoughtful surprise. Modern Seamster, I think I like you even more now. So, thanks for the cool fabric scraps, I'm glad to have the sparkly scraps to test out before buying it in large quantities!

Quilt Progress

This is my longest running work in progress. I started cutting the fabric out soon after I bought In Stitches I think in 2006.

I've learned quite a bit in creating my first quilt:
1. Color coordination is crucial (I tried hard to keep my colors within the black/red families, but in the end it looks a bit crazier than I'd like)

2. Foundation piecing is for experienced quilters only (this quilt top was not fun to make, I have never had to seam rip & re-sew so many times on one project before)

My goal is to finish this quilt before the end of 2010!

The first time I posted about my quilt idea is here.

My other projects from this book are here.

little collage scrapbook

I saw this amazing little book idea from Elise Blaha's blog and knew I wanted to try it.

I love her idea of making a little booklet to keep track of her 24 goals for her 24th year. And that she made another booklet to commemorate a trip to Kauai is a wonderful idea as well. I saw a similar project in an issue of Martha Stewart Living, As-You-Go Vacation Keepsake, but hadn't made one yet because I really haven't traveled much in the last year. But at least that helps me with the first of my 31 goals for year 31: Travel Someplace New.

31 booklet before
This is the before photo.

I could spend hours perusing Elise's blog and flickr page.

I just love everything about these little booklets. I'm always saving little mementos in the hopes of someday following my Mom's footsteps and making a scrapbook. I have a whole pile of goods (tickets, brochures, photos) from our time here in Puerto Rico already. And it will be another use of my new date stamp. (Another cool way to use a library date stamp is at the top of a daily journal, like Inchmark.)

Here's my booklet so far, I'm hoping to have a good start for my birthday next month:
cover page

my library

to do list

31 rocks

I wish I still had my old collage notebooks from middle school. My best friend and I used to cover our walls with magazine clippings, and what didn't go toward decorations were carefully glued into a kind of a lengthy journal/note. We were pretty well-behaved and made notebooks instead of passing notes in class too often. I'd guess Jamie still has one or two of those notebooks saved somewhere.


fonts that make me happy

fave fonts

Gessele Free from (similiar to the font on Blueprint magazine)
Susie's Hand Free from (found through Elise Blaha)
Zephyr $19.95 from (also known as the Twilight font)

Antique Machines